When I first saw Marcel playing this instrument, I wondered and thought, looks like one of those toy instruments I used to play as a little child, but the more he played the more I knew, that’s real, the sound was rich, polyphonic, sometimes it resembled a mouth harp, in other moments an accordion or bandoneon and he had to play it nearly like a saxophone, working his breath… yeah, the impression was a bit like in this fantastic tune Goodbye Pork Pie Hat by Charles Mingus played by Rahsaan Roland Kirk on one of his last disks with a simple and yet essential poem layed out over the tune: He blowed all of his soul into an… “aerodina”. Yeah, Marcel was playing what he was feeling and you could tell breathes happening now. You had to listen, to dig it… Continue reading





Tessa no solamente es una plantilla, es una forma de ver las cosas, cada cosa, cada obra en su entorno, a su aire, en su salsa, a su medida. Liberar la visión, concentrarla en un punto, en lo esencial, sin que se presencien cincuenta voces, enlaces, navegaciones, en fin, una serie de molestias que imponen su criterio antes, primero, esto es el desafío de Tessa. Tessa es un tema para artistas, fotógrafos, diseñadores, artesanos, cada obra, una visión, una visualización…

Good Bye Pork Pie HatGood Bye Pork Pie Hat